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Welcome to the Institute for Biomechanics (IfB)

The Institute for Biomechanics (IfB) is a multidisciplinary research unit dedicated to the biomechanical investigation of the human body from a macroscopic (body) to a microscopic (cell) scale, while maintaining ethical standards and a philosophy of respect and compassion for all life. Our mission is to investigate and characterise the mechanics and material properties of musculoskeletal and biologically engineered tissues, as well as to explore and understand the organisation, kinematics, and kinetics of the musculoskeletal system. Challenges involve studying musculoskeletal adaption and regeneration throughout life, in health and disease, and in the presence of high mechanical demands. Building on this foundation, we aim to develop, refine and utilise biological, medical and engineering tools and concepts to provide a translation of understanding and techniques into clinical practice for musculoskeletal repair or regeneration, ultimately to improve societal wellbeing.

News & Events


ETH Biotechnology Day - TEDD Workshop

It is our pleasure to invite you to visit ETH-Hönggerberg for an afternoon of lab tours to learn about biotechnology – related research and innovation. Read more 


Fellowship, Holcim Stiftung for the Advancement of Scientific Research

We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Patrik Christen received a prestigious fellowship from the Holcim Stiftung for his proposal “In Silico Bone Health Prognosis”. Read more 


Advanced Functional Materials Cover

CERL publication makes the cover of this month's Advanced Functional Materials journal Read more 


Election ISBM Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Ralph Müller has been elected to the Board of Directors of the International Society of Bone Morphometry (IBMS) for the term 2015-2018. Read more 


2nd Lab and Networking Event

The 2nd Lab and Networking Event took place on September 18th 2015 and was hosted by Dr. Karin Wuertz-Kozak of the Laboratory for Orthopaedic Technology. Read more 



EUROSPINE Travel Award

Prof. Dr. Wuertz-Kozak received a EUROSPINE Travel Award  Read more 


1st prize of the Young Investigator Award

We are pleased to announce that Nicole Spörri has won the 1st prize of the Young Investigator Award in the category natural science of SGS/4S Swiss society for Sport Sciences. Read more 


RegenHU Young Scientist Award

We are pleased to inform that Matti Kesti, PhD student of the Institute for Biomechanics, won the regenHU young scientist award. Read more 


Cell Spring under the finalists for the Heuberger Winterthur Jungunternehmerpreis

Cell Spring is one of 6 finalists for the Heuberger Winterthur Jungunternehmerpreise. Read more 


CMBBE Travel Award

We are pleased to inform you that Patrik Christen was selected for a CMBBE Travel Award to attend the 13th  International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (CMBBE 2015) from 1-5 September 2015 in Montreal, Canada. Read more 

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