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The Institute for Biomechanics is a multidisciplinary research unit dedicated to the biomechanical investigation of the human body. The four professorships, totalling over one hundred employees and students, investigate the mechanics and material properties of the musculoskeletal system, as well as movement control, from a macroscopic (body/organ) scale to a microscopic (cell) scale.

Many diseases reduce functionality of this system. Additionally, the growth and aging processes demand adaptation of the system as a response to function, as do the requirements of daily life; i.e. work, leisure, and even, in peak performance, sports activities.

The Institute’s interests lie in characterizing the material properties of the tissues, the quantification of their adaptation from birth to death, with disease, and due to mechanical demands, as well as comparing the kinetics and kinematics of the functional and dysfunctional system. To be able to monitor risk at an early stage of pathological development, and to quantify the optimal treatment and rehabilitation are crucial for the health and welfare of society. 

With this aim, the Institute develops, refines and uses biomechanical engineering tools and concepts to explore and understand musculoskeletal organisation, while maintaining a philosophy of respect and compassion for all human and animal life.

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