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Clinical application: Assess gait variability parameters with inertial sensors (IMU)

This project focuses on the development and implementation of new gait analysis algorithms for use with our new inertial measurement units (IMUs), as well as their comparison with existing solutions and validation against motion capture data. Show details 

Strength training

Kinetic and kinematic measurement during strength training exercise is the basis for inverse dynamic and modeling. The aim is to understand the loading conditions during training in oder to compare exercises and find evidence for rules and recommendation. Show details 

Influence of Backpack Weight and Hip Belt Tension on different gait parameter

Discomfort is a subjective perception and it can directly influence the user acceptance of a load carriage system. The influence of backpack with different load on the gait parameters is barely known. The goal is to analyze the effects of backpack load on kinetics and kinematics. Show details 

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