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How do cells sense mechanical loading?

This project will investigate how cells sense mechanical loading and how sensing can be altered with ageing or tissue degeneration. The project is interdisciplinary and includes engineering and biology aspects. The thematic emphasis can be adjusted to the student's background and interests. Show details 

Anti-inflammatory particles for the treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration

Goal of this project is to develop a novel anti-inflammatory microparticle formulation as a regenerative strategy for the intervertebral disc. Show details 

The role of early trauma on bone structure

In this project, the effects of early trauma on bone structure will be analyzed by microCT. Show details 

Development of smart, antimicrobial implant coatings for open fracture stabilization

This project will combine literature review with experimental work, with the overall goal to develop smart, antimicrobial implant coatings. Show details 

Nutraceutical-based treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD) affects ~5 million people worldwide. We aim to develop of a targeted functional food would help improve the daily lives of those suffering from IBD. Show details 

Hypoxia-related stress responses in skin and aging

The skin is an important barrier against environmental insults but susceptable to hypoxia-mediated degradation during aging. We will investigate the mechanisms by which hypoxia produces an aging phenotype. Show details 

How can propionibacterium acnes cause back pain?

The aim of this project is to identify molecular mechanisms that may be explain pain development upon bacterial infection of the intervertebral disc, specifically by propionibacterium acnes. Show details 

Electrospun Wound Dressings

Dressings for chronic wounds should alleviate symptoms, provide wound protection, encourage healing and exert antimicrobial effects in case of infection. As none of the current dressings fulfills all these requirements, the project goal is to create smart wound dressings with improved functionality. Show details 

Changes in the expression of mechanosensors with age and degeneration

This project will investigate whether and how the expression of a specific group of mechanosensors – the TRP Channels – changes with age and degeneration in the human intervertebral disc. Methods used in this project will include qPCR, immunohistochemistry and immunoblotting to investigate expressio Show details 

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